Need an opinion on the optimal fan setup for Megahalems and case

My specs:

ASUS Sabertooth X58
i7-950 Stock (Megahalems Rev B cooler)
Superclocked 570 GTX
CM Storm Scout Case: 120x25mm rear exhaust fan, 140mm front intake fan, 140mm top exhaust fan

I feel like my temps are a bit high for a stock CPU with a Megahalems (avg 60ºC after 10 minutes with Prime 95). Currently, I am using 2x 120mm x 25mm Scythe S-Flex for a push-pull configuration. When I first built the computer, I oriented the cooler so that the air was directed out the back of the case. However, I decided to turn the cooler so that the airflow is directed to the top of the case, since the top has a 140mm exhaust fan. Was this the right decision?

Also, I am looking to upgrade the case fans. I was trying to look for a good 140mm fan for both the intake and top exhaust, but I'm having trouble finding a good one. Since the top mount has holes for a 120mm fan, should I just go with a 120mm x 38mm? Like a Scythe Ultra Kaze?

One more thing...would upgrading my pushpull from the 2x25mm to 2x38mm make a big difference?
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    60C for an Intel Core i7 950 at full load is pretty good. What is you ambient room temperature? I ask that because the results should be stated as the number of degrees above the ambient room temperature. My results vary between Summer and Winter due to the change in room temperature.

    Scythe S-Flex fans are my current favorite. I use them for cpu heatsinks and case fans. If memory serves, Prolimatech recommends fans in the 1200 rpm to 1600 rpm range. I use the Scythe S-Flex 1600 rpm fans.

    Which thermal compound did you use? Did you follow instructions for your cpu when applying the compound? Is the heatsink seated properly on the cpu? Are there cables, wires, or other components which might obstruct airflow? These are additional factors which could affect temperatures.

    Since you have case fans on the rear panel and top panel you have an option. One of the fun things about building your own pc is the ability to experiment. Try it both ways and see which orientation works best for you. Individual results can vary.
  2. is that core temps? or that just the cpu itself? if that's your highest core temp then that's actually a fine temperature...if the core temps are actually higher then on stock speed that wouldn't be the best temps...test the temps with core temps and post em here...
  3. I used AS5. And the temps are from the Core Temp program. Sorry if I am not clear, this is the first computer that I have built
  4. I think your temps are fine if they don't go much higher than 60 on load...
    if they go higher you might need to repaste the cooler or improve the case cooling...
    Stress the cpu is for a longer period of time (30 min) and see how high the temps get...
  5. Thanks for the input! They seem to stay at 60-61 on load.

    Still debating on fans, though. I hear that going from a 120mmx25mm push-pull to a 120mmx38mm push-pull isn't that big of an upgrade.
  6. yeah the rpm of the fans also impacts the temps are ok then I wouldn't worry about them too much unless you plan to overclock...
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