Is something wrong with my core 2 duo e8400

i bought the e8400 processor with the nforce 750i sli mobo 2 days ago. in bios, the cpu freq was being shown as 2.33Ghz(333 x 7) whereas my cpu is supposed to be 3ghz. the intel speedstep was disabled, so i enabled it now its showing 3000mhz when running games, and 1999mhz in idle in cpu-z. so is there something wrong with the procesor or motherboard?
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  1. Have you tried testing it with Prime95 running while watching the speed with CPU-Z
  2. well it was showing 2.33ghz at first before enabling speedstep, and after enabling speed step it finally started to show 3 ghz
  3. sorry for not explaining clearly. It always(idle+load) showed 2.33Ghz in cpu-z and in bios(the cpu freq in sys info and cell menu). only in the properties tab in MY COMPUTER, it showed 3.0Ghz,3.0GHz. But after enabling speedstep, it idles at 2 GHz, and goes upto 3 GHz under load.

    One out-of-topic question: how can i overclock in the xfx 750i board? i'm not getting any options in bios or nvidia control panel? i heard that i need some kind of jumper. Can anyone please explain what i've to do?
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