(PC SELF-DESTRUCT?) Create shortcut to autonuke data on certain drives


Would like to create a "self destruct" shortcut on my Windows XP system. IE when I click it I get one "Are you sure?" dialog and then it locks the computer, disables all inputs and then commences to wipe data from selected partitions.

My thoughts on this are to create a partition with DBAN installed on it, create a shortcut to auto reboot into this partition, set the syslinux.cfg file to bootup into autonuke mode on specific drives and preset the wipe level. The thing that eludes me thus far is what settings I need to invoke to disable the inputs and lockout the system.

This may be more of a software issue too and if so sorry about that just let me know and I'll redirect my query elsewhere.

Also open to other ideas, those are just my current thoughts! Thanks in advance... :ange:
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  1. I consider this pointless. Unless you can allow DBAN to finsih doing it's job, what's to prevent a 3rd party from pulling the plug on the computer before DBAN is finished? You'd be better off taking a hammer to the drive and breaking the platters.
  2. It is a project for a computer science class. This was the project I chose. However pointless it may be it is still my assignment to figure this one out. Anyone with ideas or suggestions...? heck just spin me to the right direction and push me gently that way hehe :)
  3. bump bump
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