Newb question applying paste to CPU and CM212 both?

thats the question. according to arctic pdf's I should apply to cpu (linear vertical method) AND apply to the heatsink bottem --

this sounds like too much -- I am scared of this thermal stuff spilling out onto the cpu and mb.

what should i do?
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  1. This has been answered many times before.

    Apply a little bit to the gaps in the heatpipes and then the usual grain of rice method on the CPU. Mount the cooler.

    I am scared of this thermal stuff spilling out onto the cpu and mb

    Then you are using FAR too much.
  2. thanks rubix, but respectfully,
    if you are applying onto one surface-- makes no sense to apply to another -- easy way to make bubbles no???

    I need to google this a bit more...
  3. You honestly shouldn't have to, but many folks have messed around with the application and posted results. The best methods have been:

    1) normal application of TIM on CPU, apply direct contact heatpipe cooler. Done.

    2) apply some TIM to the cooler, ensuring application in the crevices of the heatpipes and block. Clear excess with a razor blade. Apply TIM to CPU spread with razor blade or finger inside a plastic baggie to disperse in thing layer; mount direct contact heatpipe cooler.
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