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Hi all :)

I have a problem with my new gainward gtx 295..every time the gpu reach 75-76° C the system freeze ( no blue screen, no errors, only the system plants..) and the only action to take is to hard-reboot manually ( from case )..
what can be the problem?

Here are some of my pc's specs:

GPU: Gainward GTX295
MOB: Asus P6T
RAM: Corsair Dominator 3GB DDR3 1600
CASE: Antec Nine Hundred Two
CPU: INTEL CORE i7 920 + Noctua NH-U12P SE1366

thanks in advance for the help :)
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  1. Have you tried upping the fan speed to lower temperatures?
  2. HI,
    Last time i have system freeze like that the reason is my oc is not acurate. Just try to run your system without any tweaking or oc, return to the factory default , and do a fresh install of your driver.
    If you are a user of windows7 maybe the graphic driver are not good.

    Sorry I really like to be more helpfull.

  3. 2 mins ago I returned to default bios ..but I didn't reinstall the drivers..I'll give a try : )

    @Hammeh: can u explain better? : D

    ah I use Windows Vista :)
  4. The default fan speeds of most graphics cards is less than 60% of the speed they can run at. Using a program such as RivaTuner allows you to manually increase the speed at which the fan turns and therefore improve airflow around the card, lowering temperatures.
  5. What OS? it is abnormal for a vista or windows 7 system to fail like that (if it is due to teh gpu) and not ahve TDR fire at least once. Are there display driver restarts in teh event viewer? Is soemthing else getting hot in tune with the GPU? It stands to reason that if the gPU is under load so is teh rest of the system. Make sure any OC is rock solid, and that the memory/cpu passes memtest as well. Without an error message its hard to say if it is for sure the GPU.

    Though I have had hard locsk without BSOD becasue of other components related inone way or another to an OC.
  6. No OC is applied atm :/ ( I have currently the default bios settings, no XMP )
    Memtest is passed with no errors.
    Cpu reach only 50° with 20 cycles of LINX

    Dunno other components..what else have I to check?
  7. Update: I reinstalled drivers as when gpu reaches 79° I have the freeze O_o all this is so strange lol
    This makes me think that could be a problem of other component :/
  8. UPDATE:
    Running furMark and GPU-Z + Asus Probe II
    Sensors report this:

    Full log:

    asus PC probe II :
    Vcore 1.19V
    +3.3V 3.26V
    +5V 5.07V
    +12V 12.19V
    CPU 42°
    MB 37°
    CPU Fan 1360rpm
  9. You temperatures are fine, I have a GTX295 for 5 months now with temperature 86C load with no problems. :)
  10. michaelmk86 said:
    You temperatures are fine, I have a GTX295 for 5 months now with temperature 86C load with no problems. :)

    Ok but I can't reach 80° XD at 75 Vista freeze and I have to reboot manually :P
  11. RivaTuner is your friend. I had similar issues until I set up auto fan speed profiles. Not one single freeze since.
  12. It's auto fan enabled by default ( not with rivatuner ) but it freezes :/
  13. The auto fan speeds will not be as fast as if you manually set the range with RivaTuner. For example, on my 8500GT the auto fan speed never goes over 50%.
  14. I tried 2 mins ago to run furMark with fixed 80% fan freezes anyway :/ then I tried to disable the onboard sli, but again I think this is a flawed card..i have to use the RMA ç_ç
  15. You might as well RMA the card and get another one. If the same problem happens again we then know its your system and not the card.
  16. i have the same problem with freeze on games and 3DMark Vantage with vista 32

    i dont now the gpu temp but to correct this problem i have disabled the dual gpu option in the nvidia control panel.

    Yeah but that is not a solution! 3DMark score now is 12000!

    i have installed the nvidia latest 185.85 drivers and update vista with a lot of KBXXXXX and now 3DMark run with a 22000 score but the first game i try (Tomb Raider Underworld) freeze after 10 minutes
  17. I sent the card back to the seller..they confirmed that it was I'm waiting for the card return ^^ ( other 1-2 weeks :/ )
  18. i do the same thing to have money back. i will buy a 4870X2 instead
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