Cheap upgrade ?

Looking to upgrade a bit if cost effective.
I have the $, i just hate to spend too much if this thing will be obsolete in a year or 2...
and its running fairly well, but i DO spend a LOT of time on it.

I tried overclocking a while back, but got confused when i came to the memory
so its been running like this (configuration) for months now.

Maybe someone can help me with the CONFIG overclocking
or can pointy out the best solution.
i know the quad cores are fairly cheap, but not sure which one to go with
or, maybe add 2 more gigs of RAM ?

I do a mix of things, no serious gaming, but do use photoshop,
and occasionally some video editing, and often have several windows open.

I have a new BIOS so heres the CPU list
CPU upgrades

also, i read somewhere that i shouldn't use a 95watt CPU for this MOB
since the original is 65w

is this true ? the CPU list has 95w CPU's...



AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+, 2709 MHz
CPU Alias Brisbane

core speed 2817.9 x13
bus 216.7
HT 1083.7

Crucial Ballistix BL12864AA80A.8FE5
DDR2-800 (400 MHz)
Real Clock 402 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 805 MHz
(2x 1G sticks)
5+5+5+18+24 2T

Motherboard ASUS M2A-VM
Motherboard Chipset AMD690G

Graphics Controller Type ATI Radeon X1250
Graphics Frame Buffer Size 128 MB


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  1. Is this your motherboard?
    these are the cpus newegg offers for that socket currently
    and only one is a quad core that is actually in stock
    I would also recommend getting a ram upgrade...either buy 2 more gigs, or buy a new 4 gig kit, or buy an 8 gig kit...
    there are a lot pretty cheap deals...
    2 gig kit
    4 gig kit
    8 gig kit
    although it could be better for you to just buy two 4 gig kits...there are a lot of choices for the 4 gig kits...
    Upgrade according to what you may want to get a new graphics card as can get something nice for a pretty cheap price like the gts 450 for instance...well you decided...and good luck ;)
  2. Yep thats the Mobo

    i think this is the list of possible CPUs

    I read on one board that for this motherboard,
    i shouldnt use a 95watt chip, even though it specs OK for it ???

    If so, which CPU would you recommend ?
    id like to have a TRI or Quad core

    i think ill go with the chip rather than the RAM for now, and maybe a graphics card
    but im not sure if i will get much back from buying a graphics card,
    although i just read the review on this MOBO, and it looked bad
    as far as graphics, but is that just for gaming? or will i see a boost
    for doing regular stuff ?
    and can you recommend on for under $60 (used refurb OK)

    thanks much...
  3. ok, nope that list of cpus is not right...this motherboard is AM2/AM2+ and that list has AM3 cpus listed in it and that won't work...putting an AM3 cpu in that can probably kill both the cpu and the motherboard...
    I would also recommend getting a better graphics stuff like playing full hd videos will be a problem on that computer...and the on-board graphics eats your ram as well because it doesn't have it's own ram it ends up taking some from the comp...a pcie graphics card will be much better as it will not eat up your ram and will aid with doing things like playing full hd videos...

    I just found's a pretty good deal...since you don't really game it will be prefect for everything you'll do...even if you start's totally worth it...

    for cpu I recommend this (they both fit your socket)
    or this, it's worse than the above but still not too bad for price
  4. An am3 cpu will work on an am2+ mb if it is supported. An am2+ cpu will not work on an am3 mb. Am3 cpu's are suppose to be supported on the new up coming am3+ mb's.

    If it's truly a budget thing (as my x3,upgrade decision was) I can and would recommend the C3 x3 445: or the C3 x4 640: . They could follow you to the am3+ platform. Just don't plan on overclocking or unlocking on your current mb..

    I like videl's suggestion of upgrading video too. Spending that money on a card that can follow in a future upgrade is a great idea, you would see an improvement in your system memory,gaming and editing.. as long as your psu will support it.
  5. oh, cpu will work on am2+...
    i got confused for a second there...the am3 cpu can work...because of the imc on the chip it supports both ddr2 and yeah...just not all am3's will work on that mobo like an amd phenom II x4 955 for's 125W...
  6. Phenem II X2's @ 80W should work fine on that board. 550 BE and 555 BE are going for $80-$90.
  7. yup they would be a nice buy...quite powerful chips they are...
    and overclock quite would be a non-regretful buy in my opinion...
  8. Thanks much all
    i bought a cheap video card (512m) which helped a little
    i read the review on the MOBO and the graphics sucked.

    I think i will go with the 640 Propus, look like a mean chip.

    I was a bit worried about going with a 125W chip, and the 640 is 95w

    i did read the AM2+ and AM3 thing, and i have the upgraded BIOS (5001)
    working great, so i think ill be OK with AM3 CPU.

    I am tweaking my 5000+ for grins till i get the CPU
    and im having trouble with the TEMPS
    ASUS Probe 2 says im at 65-70 C (normal load )
    Everest says im at 38C CPU2 and 44C CPU1

    <img src="">

    I have the RAM (Ballistix) at 2.0v , the multiplier at 12x, HT to auto (1000 i think?)
    speed at 220.
    Seems to be running OK, and the chip + MOBO do no seem very hot
    (the heat sink is only warm to touch)

    Thanks again,
    i know what i want now, but any help on the 5000+ is also appreciated.
    I am giving it to a friend when the new CPU comes in

  9. sounds like ASUS Probe is off...try core temp and speed what they say when it comes to temps...if they say the temps like Everest says they are then you are totally fine...ASUS Probe could be reading the sensors wrong...
  10. If there is any remote, outside chance you live near a Micro Center, you can get a free mb with a 640 or 560 purchase: ;)

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