Graphics card for a dc5700 Microtower

OK, i'm clueless when it comes to picking out computer hardware, but love to play games on the computer. What kind of Graphics card could I put in an HP dc5700 Microtower that would be good to play games with? I inherited the computer from a friend and would like some better graphics so I could use it to play games with.
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  1. It looks like this is your system which means no PCI-Ex16 slot. Probably your best bet would be to go with a straight PCI card. NVidia's partners are still pushing out PCI cards (though not AGP), so I'd probably go with something like this Geforce 9400GT PCI.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Looks like it has PCI-E

    According to this its only 1x PCI-E though.

    EDIT: Apparently some versions have it and some don't, you're going to have to look inside.

  3. OK, i will check it out. If it does have the 1x PCI-E slot, what kind of card does that mean i can buy? the computer has Vista on it.
  4. Even if it is PCI-E X1 rather then PCI it will still be hugely bottlenecked.

    I'm going to leave it to someone who knows more about low end chips to recommend something.
  5. The only PCI-Ex1 graphics card listed on is the ATI X1550, which is why I recommended going straight for the much newer 9400GT PCI card. You'll never get uber performance out of any card you put in there, but it's a far cry better than the on-board chipset.

    -Wolf sends
  6. So would the 9400GT card still be my best bet? I never could save the money earlier in the year, but it's time to buy myself a Christmas present! :-)

    i was looking on and found this
    but I think that's an older model so the 9400 is definitely better than this. but when i search for 9400GT on, i get like 6 different cards, now i'm really confused haha.
  7. Does anyone know what the difference is between those 6 different cards on that link? I don't want to get the wrong one if the 9400GT is my best bet.
  8. Anybody? :-(
  9. Actually, if i'm looking at everything right, the computer has 2 full-height PCI, 1 full-height PCI Express x1 and 1 SDVO/ ADD2 connector. but the 9400GT is a PCI Express x2. does that make a difference?
  10. Look inside and see if you have PCI-E x16 and not just 1x, as x16 will give you much better results.
  11. How would I tell the difference, is it written on the board next to the slot?
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