X4 955 overclock and cm hyper 212+ advice

Hi guys, i'm about to buy a cpu cooler for my computer.
I want to overclock my x4 955 as far as it will go and possibly even get to 4ghz.
Here is what I think I should get:

Thermal paste:
CPU cooler:
Cpu thermal paste cleaner:

Now I need to add some fans to my antec 300. I currently only have 2 fans (the stock ones) and run them on medium(both still set as exhaust fans). What fans would you guys recommend to add? I've heard that 2 intake fans for the front of the antec 300 is best, so can someone recommend me some good intake fans?

Also as I want to overclock my x4 955 to 4ghz if I can get there, should I replace the fans on the cm hyper 212 plus? If so can you recommend me some cheap fans I can replace the default ones with.

I'm spending about £50-60 on all of this.

Thanks guys.

EDIT: also if you can think of a better overclocking setup for £50-60 let me know, remember I want to really try to hit the 4ghz mark and also I don't want it to be too loud. Bear in mind that I have to move my computer around quite often so if you recommend something it has to be stable enough to withstand being carried around in my case about every 2 weeks.
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  1. I would reccomend Antec tricool fans. And I would highly reccomend you to get the Noctua NH-D14 it's the best air cooler on the market...and if you have the money it's great...even if you upgrade to something else like i7 in the future this heatsink will be usefull then as well...If not then you'll be fine with the cooler you chose...
  2. Ok, i've decided to stick with all stock things for the cooler. Could you reccomend some cheaper fans than the antec tricools for the 2 intakes in my 300?
  3. well I wouldn't know too much about other fans other than cooler master...
    but here is a page with budget 120mm fans with the best rating...check
    em out and choose for yourself... http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007998%204024%20600035590&IsNodeId=1&name=120mm
  4. As an Antec 902 owner with 5 Tri-Cool fans in my case i also agree with videl about what fans i would get for a 300.
    Plus you don't need the cleaning kit go to the chemist and get some 99% Isoproyl alcohol and use a coffee filter for cleaning up paste.
    A 212+ is a good choice for a cooler.It comes with a decent R4 Blademaster fan.
    If you add just one 3spd 120mm Tricool on the front you'd be fine.
  5. ^ lol...I have the same case! lol...and yes you'll be fine without the any cleaning kits but I still recommend getting arcticlean...makes the cleaning much easier...and it's not too expensive I normally get one when I'm getting something at frys and I stop buy to get some heat paste and a cleaning kit...
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