Micro ATX board with 3 PCI-E slots?

Is there a micro ATX board with 3 PCI-E slots? I'm planning my next rig right now. I want a MATX case/mobo, two Evga 300 series cards in SLI, and a 9800GT doing Physx. Is there a MATX mobo that can handle that right now?
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  1. Are all your video cards single slot? There isn't a whole lot of space on a m-ATX motherboard and it looks like none meets your requirements. Cooling 3 video cards in a m-ATX case could be challenging.
  2. nope. MICRO-atx boards dont have 3 pci-e slots and if they did .. they wouldnt be fast pci-e slots. it would be 1x stuff
  3. My original plan was to SLI two GTX 260s and put DD-Tieton for GTX280/260 on them so they each use one slot. If the EVGA 121-BL-E756-TR had a third PCI-E slot instead of a PCI this would be possible on that board.

    Anyone think that with the release of the 300 series we will see more motherboards?
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