IDE or RAID for a SSD (No AHCI)

I recently got an SSD and put it in my motherboard, I want o use AHCI but i cannot as I currently have 2 drives in a RAID 1. While i can control ports 1-4 IDE/AHCI/RAID and ports 5-6 IDE/ACHI/RAID when RAID mode is selected for either port the change the other ports to only support either IDE or RAID. I can only do AHCI if one of them is set to AHCI mode but then I will lose my RAID 1 (as it forces moth to be AHCI)

So since I am kind of stuck here between IDE and RAID i imagine RAID would be the better choice. Problem is it doesnt support Trim Commands. Since this is an AMD motherboard I am not sure if Trim would work for AHCI anyways (read about some issues).

Is there any windows utility that will basically do trim on the software level?

Edit: I have the drive currently as a slave when running "fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify" in the command prompt it shows 0 which says trim is enabled...

Motherboard: Asus M4A785TD-M EVO

The SSD is Kingston ssdNOW v 100 Model SV100S2/64GB I cant fine for sure if it has internal garbage collection i know the V+ does

If I had to get an controller card would any of these work.
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  1. I'd like to know too whether I should Raid 0 or SSd for gaming and photo editing
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    For the OP, is there a bios update perhaps? I would think 5 + 6 would be on a different controller. I'm also not sure why having your RAID1 on 1+2 rules out AHCI on 5+6.

    For Pat, make your own thread and not hijack somebodies. For gaming or photo editing you need CPU, GPU, and ram, not a fast harddrive.
  3. I updated the BIOS to the most recent version before doing anything on that system (update was a month ago). It doesnt make sense who when i enable raid on ports 0-4 it forces either RAID or IDE of ports 5-6. I am guessing it is on the same controller and that controller doesnt support that those functions..

    I will fiddle with the options some more when I get home, but if that doesnt work do you think either of those controllers would work with MSACHI.sys?
  4. Instead of starting a new topic I thought it would be appropiate to update this. So I did some read adn wrtie testing, reading i get between 150-235MB/s, and wrties are ALWAYS 20-30MB/s, which is nor correct for this drive. I updated my south bridge and RAID drivers no change, I formatted the SSD (full format all 0's) before benching same results. Is the onboard RAID controller I have a POS?

    I canceled the random as it would take way to long

    So I poped the SSD into my desktop (Core 2 Duo, P35 Chipset, drive performs as it should ~150MB/s write, ~220MB/s read. Apperantly on onboard controller on the Asus M4A875TD-M EVO is crap. It gave me some very unusual results when i plugged in a 7200RPM 1.5TB drive (writes started at 120MB/s and @ the 400GB mark droped to a constant 6.1MB/s)
  5. Interestingly enough I changed the drive from SATA port 6 to SATA port 2 and it is functioning at full speed. I am guessing that SATA port 5-6 maybe setup for CD/DVD drives so they sacrifice its throughput.
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