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I wonder if you could help answer a simple question (or I hope it's simple!).

I am looking to upgrade my computer, which will involve nearly all new components. I am interested in the Intel Core i7 920 CPU, mainly because it's the new range, and I have seen that it's comparable to Core 2 Quad/Duo extreme CPUs (even when it's not overclocked?). Also, the price is more appealing than the 940!

I was also interested in purchasing a few newer games with the computer, such as Need for Speed Pro Street, Race Driver Grid, Medal of Honor Airbourne.

Some games specify things like "Minimum CPU: P4 3.0Ghz" on the case. Will I still be able to play that game on a 2.66ghz i7 920?

Surely if the game only supports a single core, the CPU clock speed is going to be an issue with older games such as this? Or is it the case that because the FSB has been removed and a faster solution provided, that the game may run as expected?

I am not looking to overclock the CPU. I am looking to use an MATX solution, and I only play games now and again, and want to use the machine for HD video too.

Would an Intel i7 920 be suitable? currently in the UK the CPU costs about £215 which I think is reasonable. I think it's pointless spending £400+ on the 940/950, because at the end of the day, in a few years those more expensive CPUs will go down in price even more, and there will be another CPU out too..hence why I have never spent over this sort of cost.
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  1. You couldn't underclock the i7 enough to make it slower than a P4.
  2. Thanks for your responses. I'll proceed with the upgrade to Intel i7 920 (and I see it's dropped in price a bit to around £207 on

    I am still researching into the best graphics card around £120-150.

    I think i will go for the Radeon HD4870 1Gb or the 2Gb card (Sapphire prob).
  3. STOP!

    Don't do it.

    Do not spend the £207 and £120-150.

    i5 and DX11 is here .....

  4. Very soon actually. Expect to see reviews showing up shortly.
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