4870 + Accelero s1 Rev2

I decided to order an Accelero s1 Rev2 for my Sapphire 4870 after seeing what my temps were on the core and mem. I placed my order then decided to read a few more reviews on this product then i found myself reading nothing but horror stories about this cooler and the 4870.

I was horrified and was one click from cancelling my order but it was to late. The cooler was on the way, so i sat anxiously waiting for my $25.00 paper weight. When it arrived i decided to go ahead and give it a go since i love messing around with my pc, these are my results.

770 core / 1000 mem (stock voltages, stock cooler)

Core Idle - 55 C
Vdimm Idle - 63 C

Core Load - 75 C
Vdimm Load - 93 C

813 core / 1050 mem (stock voltages, accelero s1 Rev2)

Core Idle - 42 C
Vdimm Idle - 50 C

Core Load - 56 C
Vdimm Load - 61 C

Before the accelero s1 Rev2 was installed my max core clock was 770 w/o getting game crashes, after the new cooler was installed 813 core was easily achieved and possibly more with volt modding.
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  1. Forgot to mention i installed 2 80mm fans on the top of the accelero which are running in silent mode.

  2. Nice to know that you are now happy with your purchase.

    I was actually considering attaching the S1 rev2 to a HD 4890, but I think I'm just gonna upgrade to a HD 4770 and wait for DX11 card at a relatively good price. At that point the HD 4770 will simply go into my HTPC.
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