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I just upgraded my machine a bit a couple of weeks ago, I'm now using a 785GT - e63 with an AMD Phenom II X2 550. I already have the latest BIOS (Literally checked the updates again before posting this). For some odd reason, I have the five basic voltages in the Cell menu.

CPU Voltage (V)
CPU-NB Voltage (V)
DRAM Voltage (V)
NB Voltage (V)
HT Link Voltage (V)

All are set to auto and grayed out, so I'm unable to really overclock. I have a feeling I'm just missing something that's going to make me feel stupid, but my question is how do I override auto and such?
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  1. You need to change AUTO to MANUAL, do that by highlighting AUTO and pretting Enter and pressing up or down to MANUAL and than press enter. The 5 voltage fields should be changable now.
  2. There may be an option in your BIOS to enable advanced settings which would allow you to modify those values. I would check the manual that came with the motherboard or if it didn't come with a manual then check at MSI's site for online documentation.
  3. Tried that sniper, althought that didn't seem to do anything unfortunately.

    Jprah, I checked the manual and there didn't seem to be anything on it really in detail. I searched through some BIOs settings but didn't find anything (I could be missing it though, if there is one).
  4. The easy OC switch is set to off? That's really weird that those setting aren't adjustable, the online manual claims that voltage settings can be adjusted using +/- keys and shouldn't be read-only.
  5. If I knew how to take a picture without using my horrible phone camera (which is even worse on screens of course), I can. I'm running out of ideas.

    EDIT: Found out why it's doing it. My keyboard, unlike my computer is pretty old. Apparently when I enter BIOS I have to turn numpad off and back on again for it to do anything. Thanks for the help.
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