2600k watercooled 24/7 clock

hi :hello:
I have a new system:
cpu: 2600k - watercooled (heatkiller 3.0)
mobo: gigabyte p67a-ud7
mem: corsair 2000c8 2x2gb
gpu: gtx570 - watercooled

my current setting is:
CPU: 4.8ghz @ 1.4v and temps are ~ 65c @ prime 95

GPU: 900c 1800s 2000m @ 1.1v temp: 40c

do you guys think I can push it more or should i just stay where I am

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  1. Pushing the voltage up higher is iffy for the 2600K. I would wait until at least some clear voltage limits exist for it. Going over 1.35-1.36v for 24/7 use isn't advised right now so early in a chip's lifespan

    I'm happy with my 4,4 ghz 1.312v
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