My ram run at pc 5300 and supose to run at pc-6400

my mobo,asus m2n32-sli premium vista edition,i change the setting manualy when computer boot show ddr 800 ganged mode but cpu id in memory show pc 5300 someone can help i did a update of the bios v.1303 .thx
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  1. Does CPUz show the RAM is PC-5300 type in SPD? What does it say about the actual speed? If it says 400, then you're fine. Look under Memory, DRAM Frequency -- not the SPD tab

    Also, look at the memory specs and see what voltage the RAM requires and set that.

    If you have more questions, be sure to list the make and model of the RAM.
  2. CPUz is not always 100% accurate.
    If you BIOS is showing your RAM running at the proper speed, and the POST message confirms this, I would say it is indeed running at 800Mhz.
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