Please Advise me on a LowProfile video card. ATI or NVIDIA ??

I bought a new computer that has an Integrated Intel® GMA X4500HD.
It seems fast enough for me but text is not as sharp as my old computer.

I have adjusted every which way but I am convinced the GMA X4500HD
is not all that sharp with text.

So I would like to buy the sharpest text video card that is at least as snappy
as the GMA X4500HD. I am only going to buy from NewEgg due to great service.
The card needs to be low profile.

So which chipset has sharper text? ATI or NVIDIA?

I was considering the Radeon 4650 chipset and here are some cards I was
looking at:

These are all about $60. These are PowerColor, Sapphire, and Apollo brands.
Should I be avoiding any specific brands??

Who can advice me on the "sharpest text" video card that is low profile, as
fast as the GMA X4500HD and about $60..?? Low fan noise would be great

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  1. For your budget, a ATI would be a better option. Is this a prebuilt "Dell" computer?
  2. Before rushing out to buy a card, what makes you say that the "not so sharp" text is due to the GMA X4500HD?
  3. I still have my old computer which has an integrated Nvidia NVS210S and the text is
    super crisp and sharp.

    When I switch the same monitor and monitor cable to the new computer with
    the GMA X4500HD the text is not as sharp no matter how much I play with the settings.

    I have played with both the monitor's settings and the Intel SW control panel and
    I can't get the text as sharp.
  4. Here's a comparison chart of video cards (ATI/ Nvidia):
  5. These are all super highend cards and none of them are low profile like I need..
  6. Oh yeah... Sorry forgot about the low profile part.
  7. Generally speaking, there shouldn't be any text quality difference between nVidia and ATI. In fact, there are no text comparison tests.

    The cards you selected should be fine and they are considered mainstream value gaming cards with good video quality output for Blu-Ray. If gaming and video playback are not in any way shape or form of interest to you then you can drop down to a low profile HD 4350 or HD 4550.
  8. You are right... I may not need that much speed. The 4650 may be overkill
    for my needs. I do not game or watch blueray. I surf, open-office, make music
    CDRs, and play MAME. MAME is so light on graphics needs that it's not a
    consideration for video needs.. Basically I just want a super snappy XP and
    Windows 7 desktop experience.

    If I want to be assured that the graphics performance is equal or better than
    the GMA 4500HD, which ATI card will I need? Will the ATI 4350 perform at the
    same level or better than the GMA 4500HD?

    I see an ASUS 4350 that is fanless on Newegg and having a completely silient
    video card is very appealing to me.. Asus doesn't seem to make a fanless 4550
    so that's why I'm asking how low can I go and still beat the GMA 4500HD in speed.
    Really anything under $75 is fine with me but fanless and low-profile really narrow
    down my possible choices...
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