Need help with BSOD after OC


I hope that anyone can help me here.
Here is my pc specs :
i7 930
gigabyte x58a udr3
gtx 470
OCZ gold 3x2gb 1600mhz
H50 water cooling

I was under a stable 3.8ghz OC. I decided to try a 4.2 OC. After I tried some settings from a i7 920 user found on a website (200x21), it booted right, the temps were looking really good. Then I tried to run prime95 and the PC you restart itself after 1 second. I tried starting a game, it does the same thing. The BSOD is :
stop 0x000000D1 ( 0x094A, 0x0D, 0x08, 0x94A0

Here are my bios setting, note that it is a 930 with a x58a ud3r mobo :
turbo boost disable
cpu enhanced halt : disable
Hyperthread ON
C3/C6/C7 state support : disable
CPU thermal monitor : enable
cpu eist function disable
virtualization : enable
bi-dir prochot : enable
isonchronous freq : enable

QPI : x36
Uncore : x17
PCI express freq 100
cpu clock drive 800mV
pci express clock drive 900mV
cpu and ioh clock skrew : 0ps

Performance Enhance : standard
multiplier : x8
DRAM timing selectable : quick
8-8-8-24, all other settings to auto (tRCm, tRRD, etc..)

Load line calibration : standard
cpu Vcore : normal(1.15625) + 0.075
QPI/VTT voltage : 1.335
CPU PLL : 1.88V

pcie : normal(1.5)
qpi pll : normal(1.1)
ioh core : 1.2
ich i/o : normal(1.5)
ich core : 1.2

Dram voltage : 1.66
all other dram voltage to NORMAL(0.75)

Thanks for helping !
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  1. this QPI/VTT voltage : need increase voltage from default

    generally Driver VGA / Sound can caused that !
    - uninstall software OC GPU & installed the latest Nvidia driver,
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