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Here is the link from Newegg where I am currently looking at the Nvidia GTX 285. I'm confused about some of the model numbers and what they mean though...

This is the superclocked edition that comes with Call of Duty: WAW
The end of its model number is 1181, and it sells for $315 after rebates

This is a non-superclocked edition that doesn't come with the free game.
Then end of its model number is 1281, and it sells for $320 after rebates.

This is another non superclocked edition that doesn't come with a free game.
The end of its model number is 1180, and it sells for $300 after rebates.

My question is why is the superclocked version with the free game cheaper? Is it just the deal they are having at the moment? And why is there a different model number and price between two non-overclocked cards with no free game? Is it a different revision of the card, kind of like how processors do with the different -steppings? these model numbers are really confusing me. There are also a lot more people that have bought the 1281 card.

Finally there is also a recertified version on that same first link for $290. Does it retain the same warranty as the other cards? On Newegg's site it shows the recertified card coming with only a 90 day limited manufacturer warranty. I just figured that with EVGA you would still get the lifetime warranty, step up program, etc. etc. etc.

I would probably choose the superclocked version for $315, but i wouldn't want to be missing out on a revised or better product.

Thanks guys.
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  1. Opengl is differnt on the 2nd and 3rd card one is 2.1 the other is 3.0 2nd card has Memory Clock 2484MHz(effective) 3rd card Memory Clock 2484MHz I would go with the first card but i would let others with some more knowledge put in there 2 cents first. GL m8
  2. Why not ask newegg... Its their buisness.
  3. hmmmmm i see. well hopefully someone can explain what those differences will mean in terms of performance...

    I noticed that one card said "effective" next to memory clock, but i really don't know what that means either.

    Anyone want to solve my mystery for me :)
  4. dragonfang18 said:
    Why not ask newegg... Its their buisness.

    asking newegg could just end up with them telling me that they are just different deals that they are currently having.

    i trust the tech knowledge on this website (not that i don't trust newegg) and think i can find someone to explain things to me. contacting newegg is something i will probably do when it's time to purchase...
  5. Lol... I usually read reviews than their specs, especially from a company who wants to sell it to you. If I were you you could ask EVGA on their website, rather than listen to the middleman who wants to make cash.
  6. yeah that's a good point. all of these graphics cards really have me bogged down. It's enough trouble to just pick a brand, only to find out there are 20 different models to choose from in that brand...
  7. does it really have to be that brand? I recently came upon this comparison charts of graphics cards in the 285 range...

  8. Sadly, they dont compare the different specs of one single kind of card.
  9. you can search in their site however, I noticed they cover the same graphics card, but different brands. I found 2 reviews of the GTX 9600, one from Foxconn and XFX, so they must have some kind comparison to what you are looking for.

    As for the "effective" thing. I still cant find any site that mentions something like that.
  10. It's not so much that it has to be that brand. I am also thinking BFG. Really what it comes down to is that both BFG and EVGA have lifetime warranties that cover oc'ing and they have a step up program in case something spectacular shows up 90 days after i make a purchase. Some of them also come with free games (as do some other brands).

    That's pretty much my reasoning there, but if someone could point out that other companies have just as good warranties or bells and whistles then i would be open to others.
  11. I heard BFG had 10 days more than EVGA... I totally forgot where however. Facts are more important than where I read it. Hehe.
    But yeah, they are both Excellent brands. I guess it just goes down to what you like now.
  12. You'd think in competition they wouldnt be so equal, and try to out do each other in deals and warranties to win customers. Its a headache many people have to go through.
  13. yeah agreed, but in competition they have copied each others policies and such. for instance i THINK evga had the lifetime warranty covering oc'ing first and then bfg took it and made it their own. and then i THINK bfg had the step up program first and then evga took that and implemented it into their products as well.

    I think they have tried to out do each other but it has turned into a copy cat game lol

    Being as both companies have a good range of bells and whistles, it will come down to price and whether or not it includes a free game. for instance, right now the superclocked evga is cheaper and includes a game. this could change at any time though...
  14. Well make up your mind fast... wouldnt want to miss that... I missed the GTX 295 with COD5 by a week, because I decided to wait...Lol
  15. ya the thing is, though, that i won't be buying for a month anyways. got no money yet :(

    But maybe in that month there will some more price cuts on the 285 (and on the i7 processor/mobo) or at least some better deals from Newegg. I am also keeping my eyes out for coupon codes from Dell and the like. Some people have got their 285's for as low as $250 from Dell.
  16. i just got my gtx 285 for 380 canadian, i was thrilled. i suspect its a solid overclocker too. havent played around with it too much, but, i matched some of the highest clocks i could find. and managed to play a game for nearly 8 minutes before it crashed. not bad not bad. i suspect i can get it stable with relatively high clocks.
  17. Nice. What brand did you go with?
  18. pny. i know! it sounds awful. some company well known for cheap ram! buutt.. looking up the pny gtx 285 on the interwebs shows it to be a great overclocker on average, besting a higher clocked (before overclocks) xfx card in one of the reviews i read. so i bit. and i couldnt be more thrilled. ;D
  19. EVGA all the way!

    They provide OC software and voltage software and a "Trade in" thing for cards.

    (Don't know if BFG does or not)
  20. Lol who knows, makebe GTX 295 will come back in stock, by the time you get enough money.
  21. dragonfang18 said:
    Lol who knows, makebe GTX 295 will come back in stock, by the time you get enough money.

    Yeah but i am already having a hard time convincing myself to drop $1400 on a computer. Being my first build and all, i think $1600 would be a little much. The money saved from sticking with the 285 could get me a full hd monitor which is something i really look forward to :) The 285 should be more than enough power for me anyway...for the time being lol

    check that out. I could get two BFG gtx260's for $300, given those only have the 192 sp's

    that one has the 216 sp's for $310 (buying 2), but it's MSI

    and finally XFX one comes with both Far Cry 2 and COD WAW for $330 (buying 2)

    Just more food for thought. It seems like there is an endless amount of graphics options out there. I'm still liking the 285 though.
  22. Also Nvidia might come out with the 300 series later this year... Thinking about that?

    Ill probably wait till the 300's reaches the 90's, like the 295.
  23. I cant believe they dont think of what they are doing to the customers like this and just keep on curning out more better quality crap...
  24. yeah it sucks, but as a customer you just have to restrain yourself and be happy with your quickly outdated hardware.

    I have heard the 300 series will come out at the end of this year. I won't be trying to buy a 300 series card though. dx11 will take time to really take off just like dx10 did. the only way i would consider the 300 series is if they came out 90 days after i bought my 285, then i would use the step up program (as long as they were reasonably priced). at this point i really would like to save more money rather than spend it lol college kills...
  25. Yeah... College sucks, that way because by the time I graduate, I cant do what I want because I'll be bogged down in debt. I think politicians should check that problem out....

    At least I can enjoy my outdated PC!
  26. http://en.expreview.com/2009/05/12/the-first-single-pcb-gtx295-unearthed.html#more-3470

    Here's the new GTX 295, they say it will be cheaper than the ones out now, due to a sinle PCB than two... No HDMI though which sucks...
  27. i must say im curious how the new 295 will compare with the old 295.

    many call the 1st one a monster. with 2 pcb. however, the power consumption is low and overclocks surprising well.

    i want new benches!
  28. I still can't imagine it selling for anything under $450. My gpu is already the most expensive part of my build if i go with the 285. I guess i'm just not that hardcore yet :( lol

    oh yeah, the good thing about college is internships :)
    lotttttttts of money in that. hopefully i can put some of that money away for school...
  29. Good luck... I'm gonna put down I did tech support for Tom's Hardware on my resume. Lol. Been doing this while studying for finals... Haha.

    I can imagine:

    Q) Whats the primary cause of human disease?

    A) Your GPU isnt working? Does your PSU have the propper Wattage to support it? It could be a defective PCIE slot. try a different GPU.

  30. hahaha. same here, its my break from studying.

    good luck to you too.
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