How Do I test a PSU??

I wanted to Test this raidmax PSU I got for a Review im writing: [...] -_-Product

And heres an example of a review doing power tests: and Here:

But i dont know how they do it, what are some software i can use to test it and take screen shots?

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  1. You should write the testers in question and ask them...
  2. They have really expensive programmable electronic load banks. PSU testing cannot be done with software.
  3. check PSU use manual use volt meter manual check one by by one :
    guide check :

    - check software Osciloscop but this software support / compatible in your system or No .. in don't know ..!

    Multi-Instrument Full Package 3.2 :

    - Test stability PSu use OCCT :

    i hope can help you..
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