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Hi, I recently put some new parts into my rig (memory, mobo, and cpu). After booting the system, I get nothing but bsod's when trying to boot into windows, this includes attempts into safe mode and last known good configuration. I began to troubleshoot this issue by going right after my ram. I bought gskill ddr3 1600 2gx2 1.5v, and put them both in the appropriate channels. Now the motherboard (Asus p7h55-m pro) doesn't support 1600 by default, you can overclock to support it, though. The board has nice overclocking features built in, but when I attempt to use the D.O.C.P mode on ai tuner, the bios crashes. It does this every time. I tried using XMP, which will change the dram frequency to 1604. I've manually set the voltage to 1.5 per specification. The base clock was changed to 160 by the bios configuration. The profile it assigned gave it a timing of 9-9-9-24-2n-1.5v. The cpu ratio setting is 20(not allowed to change), and the cpu is an intel i3 3.2ghz.

I've tested my power supply, and I dabble at 150 watts during an attempted boot (max 500). Possible issue might be with a mobo 12v connector. I don't have the 12v connector, but one thats half the size. I've heard that you don't need the 12v connector and the smaller one will work, but that's only heresay. None of the changes to my ram clock speed or frequency have resulted in any changes to the timing of the bsod. I'm really frustrated that I can't even boot windows at this point. I'm wondering if I need to swap the ram for 1333, get another PSU, get a 1156 socket aftermarket heatsink, or play in bios for another few hours. I can't do a memtest since I can't boot either. The underlying question of why the BIOS crashes from setting DOCP is still allowing me to think too broadly at what the issue is. Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. You've heard that you don't need the 12v connector...........instead of listening to hearsay, why not read your motherboards manual??
  2. Well, the mobo came with a cover on 4 of the pins, which would lead me to believe a 6? Volt connector would work. I'm going to find a 12v connector today and test it.
  3. Upgraded PSU today, no changes, still BSOD on any setting I use. I also ran a few passes of memtest86 which returned no errors. I'm still wondering why the bios crashes from the d.o.c.p setting....
  4. Did you ever find any resolution to this? I'm having the exact same problem....
  5. What specific error are you getting on your BSOD?
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