Watercooling - Res Plugs Red

So i noticed that my plugs in my resevior are colored red, normally being silver. Why is this? I could imagine it would either be the biocide or algeas, anyone who can help?

Also my waterflow fin is running slow, seems like some white/ivory colored stuff has put itself between the fin and the little res window. I used demineralized water, no tap water ofcourse.
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  1. You are getting bacteria/algae growth in the water.
    Cheapest solution is to add a couple ounces of Antifreeze For a car radiator. or you could buy some of the more expensive additives.
  2. What kind of plugs are they? I'd almost say its rust or some kind of corrosion without knowing many more details.

    Drain your loop and clean it. If you are seeing this junk build up where you can 'see it', its likely building up where you can't.
  3. Please post pics and a full parts list of your watercooling parts.

    And what additives to the water please.
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