Inno3d 9600GT Overclocking Issue

hi guys, the issue is with my friend's Inno3d 9600GT 512MB DDR3 card. the card has the stock clocks i.e. 650/1800 (900x2). @ stock clocks the card is working flawlessly, however when we overclock the card's Core clock or Memory Clock, the card gets stuck in gaming. and does'nt respond. we have to restart the system. what is the problem of this card. as previously we were using xfx 8800GT card on the same rig. Is this card is not meant for overclocking or is there some thing wrong with that card.

kindly provide assistance. as the card is recently purchased. if there is some thing wrong we can return the card.
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  1. You need to lower the overclock.
    Sorry, can't see your picture at work.
  2. i dont get it. how i can lower the overclock. similar condition is observed when i increase the core speed from 650MHz to 660MHz.

    is this card is'nt capable of overclocking ?
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