What about NB, Ram ratio, HT and all that?

I want to overclock my AMD X4 965. It is now stable at stock with the scythe mugen 2, if I stress it for half an hour it goes to about 40 degrees celsius. Idle is about 25 with that underclock thingy on.

The heatsink doesn't even get warm at those temps lol :D

So I want to overclock it. Everyone seems to say in order to overclock you should increase the multiplier. But what about the NB, HT and everything don't I need to overclock that as well? Can you safely overclock ram, I have it at stock factory now (DDR3-1600) at I believe 9-9-9-27.
And which settings are better enabled or disabled, like cool 'n quiet and stuff like that.

Also I heard from someone your CPU:RAM ratio needs to be 1:1 in order to run smooth?

And I read from different users that they managed to push it to 250 x 16 = 4000 @ 1.55v. Can I just put it on that straight away and stress test it (I guess this one is a no :p )

This is my current setup: http://tweakers.net/gallery/289736?inv_id=52018#tab:inventaris
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  1. My memory has advertised voltages from 1.7 to 1.9, I now have 1.7 selected, is it better when it runs on 1.9v?
  2. If it's running stable at the lower voltage, your fine. Isn't always necessary to max voltage.
  3. And that 1:1 ratio thing isn't neccesary?

    Also which temps should I take, AMD Overdrive and Speedfan both show 25 idle, while mhy bios says 40 while it just powered on 10 secs ago
  4. standard DDR3 1.5 v overclock recommendation maximum DDR3 1.65 don't go over ,
    if u want run at 1600, loosen your RAM timing, don't go too far from standard JEDEC and don't too much raise your FSB remember your CPU BE !
    better this OC via Bios
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