Windows Experience Index Dropped on SSD After switching to 64bit win7

I have a in my computer
hooked up in sata 3 6g/bs

and I ran a windows experience test and everything was very high, including my drive amount at 7.8 I installed 64 bit and re ran the test and now my drives score is 7.4??? Any ideas as to what happened?

(A few of the other scores dropped as well)

Intel core i5-760
750w psu
64gb ssd
1tb 7200rpm (data)
4gb ram
nvidia gtx 470
asus p7p55d-e pro
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  1. If you don't mind me asking... Which driver areou referring to? I know there are firmware updates for the SSd but what driver would I need to update for 64bit? The marvel controller?
  2. Sorry for the noobish questions this is all new to me.

    So by this logic if I installed the 32 bit drivers they would run faster?
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