I5 750 OC

Hi all,
I am trying to OC my Intel i5 750 a little. I have an MSI P55 CD53 mobo (I know these tend not too be best OCers) and the problem is I cannot seem to find the BLCK in the Bios (which I assumed would be in the Cell Menu). Anyone know where to find it?

It is not a big deal as I have turned on the OC Genie and that has boosted the i5 to 3.5ghz (Bus Speed 206.5, multiplier 17. Core Voltage 1.216). Temps are reaching around 60C (peaking at 64C) at full load with Prime95. So, I don't think it is too bad but I wouldn't hae minded toying with the settings myself
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  1. I tried that but couldnt see anything, maybe I wasn't paying enough attention
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