Can't overclock at all

No matter how little i overclock, my computer freezes at bios logo...could it be the power supply?
Here are some specs:

windows 7
Gtx 460 Superclocked
Intel e6850 core 2 duo @ 3.0 (stock)
Raidmax 530 watts
Asus cpu cooler( forgot the name)
4Gb ram
evga nforce 750i Sli mobo

Any help is appreciated...thanks
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    Ok I recommend getting the latest bios version of that board (to make sure you have the latest updates and fixes)

    I found this bios update for the nForce750i SLI FTW, that should be your board

    Then when you overclock make sure you change your ram divider or your ram frequency so it will run slower because when you overclock using the fsb it overclocks the ram as well and that could create the instability you're getting...
    Also make sure that the ram timings and voltage is set to the recommended settings of the ram manufacturer before you actually start overlclocking...

    If you keep getting instability try raising the cpu and northbridge voltages by a little...also try raising the pcie clock by a little, it some times help reach stability when overclocking...
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  3. lol well you selected best answer...but did it help any? I hope it helped...if you have questions or nice benches poet em here... ;)
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