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I'm about to buy a new laptop for uni and I'm currently eyeing one from Asus. It offers two models: one with a T6500 CPU (950$) and the other with a P8700 (1150$). I know the latter is faster, less power-hungry and produces less heat but is it worth the extra money?

Asus F50SF-X1 (T6500):

Asus F50SF-A1 (P8700):

They pretty much have the same specs, except for the CPU.

Other than games, I often use Photoshop/Dreamweaver (Web design). I also work with IDEs for my software engineering classes for the usual debugging and compiling/decompiling. I might do some desktop virtualization and Compiz/Fusion on Linux.

Is the P8700 worth the 200$ difference or will the T6500 do just fine? I want my lappy to last through my four years of uni and I'm not sure if the T6500 will have enough power juice. ;)

Thanks for your suggestion! :)
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  1. The T6500 will be plenty for your needs, the P8700 won't give a $200 performance difference at all.
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