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Okay, I am a lot more varied in the GPU, PSU, and MoBo area, more so than I am HDD. I am looking to purchase a new HDD, and put windows 7 on it. BUT, a few concerns.

1. It will be going in my current PC which I am putting a new PSU/GPU in.
2. My PC has Windows Vista on it now (ick) and a tiny (320g) HDD
3. Order of installation? New HDD, then GPU, GPU then new HDD, etc.

Now, I have a lot of music, documents, art, photoshop documents, literature, and everything else, which I would like to keep. about 20 to 40 gigs worth, if not more, of personal documents. How can I get all of this from my HDD to my new HDD?

Also what goes into buying and HDD? I want something quiet, that runs cool, (if they even get hot that is) I am looking for at least 500g if not 1TB of space, and I am totally blank on how to install and what not.

Links to my current PC specs are below if it helps, as well as the HDD I purchase, the GPU and PSU will all transfer to a new build next year, but my main concern now is just the HDD.

Also anything below 80 bucks would be GREAT, but if...IF need be I can spend more
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  1. I am using an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ processor at up to 2.3GHZ speeds.
  2. Okay a few things, >.< Due to my trailer park I live in, the mailboxes leak water into them, and the local UPS service trashing two other packages from online retailers, do they stock any of this at local retailers? Bestbuy, walmart, etc?

    If not, can newegg mail that stuff to a PO box? If so I can just get a PO box, and then put about 200 bucks on a prepaid debit card, and use that debit card to get the items.

    Also lastly, how are all those items with cooling, as my case has no fan in it, but has a slot at the bottom for a case fan, and is in a cubby hold kind of area at the bottom of my desk.

    Thanks for the help.
  3. Okay, well I live in central Mississippi, Jackson area, and would it hurt to use both a case fan at the back, and a 5.25 drive bay fan? (assuming I have a drive bay free, Idk if I do or not >.< and what would you recommend for am aftermarket CPU cooler or would that even matter?

    Also, lol, do you know of any 1TB HDD? That would be awesome.

    thanks again for all the help and quick responses.
  4. Okay cool, so everything should fit fine in my PC and cooling should be fine right? Do I need to download any monitoring programs to monitor my GPU/CPU Computer temps?

    Also those other sites you listed besides newegg....scythe-usa, etc. Are those all valid well trust online retailers?
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