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I just have a simple memory question.

Currently I have the i7 920 @ 3.5ghz d0 stepping. My cooling is fine. Under Prime blended I don't break the low 60's and the same for small FFT. My problem is I can't really take the OC any higher because I'm on 1333mhz RAM. At the current 2:8 I'm running it at 1328mhz. If I raise the bclk any higher I go over.

I just wanted to know is it better to drop the ratio to 2:6 and change the bclk to somewhere around 180 which would give me almost 3.8ghz at 1080mhz


Should I leave it at 3.5ghz at 1328mhz

OR Lastly,

Should I just buy 1600mhz memory and run 3.8ghz at 1440? Would this be worth the money? Or is it negligible?

Also, I just wanted to throw this out there that I'm set at 1.175 vcore on the chip and it's stable but in CPU-Z it looks like it's only using 1.117v for the core voltage during Prime. It seems like it is actually using less volts during Prime than idle. At idle it's around 1.160. How is that possible? I check the speed and it's continuing to run at 3.5ghz.
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    OK, heres the can try hiring your bclk to 180 and have your ram run overclocked...just add a bit of voltage to the ram and loosen the timing up and you might be able to run 3.8ghz with your ram overclocked stable (as long as you loosen the timings and raise the dram voltage a bit)

    you can leave it at 3.5 and ram at 1328 you yu don't really need the extra speed...
    if you want the extra speed then try doing what I suggested...and if that doesn't work you can buy the 1600 ram and run it at 1440 and you might be able to tighten the timings on that since you're not gonna be running this option will work well it's just a matter of do you want to spend that money or not...

    Lastly your voltage going down to 1.114v at load is due to what is called a vdroop it happens on most motherboards drops the voltage a bit when on load and that can be fixed with an option to fix vdroop in the bios (i don't think all boards have it) or you can just add a bit more voltage to cpu vcore if you need it...
    some people even do pencil and hard mods on their motherboards to fix the vdroop...but I only recommend using the bios feature if you have it and/or just picking up the voltage a notch or two if your cpu is not stable with the vdroop...
  2. Your post verifies what I thought. My memory is probably the weakest part of my system right now. I have the 920 so I probably won't be upgrading it any time soon especially when it looks like I can get it to almost 4ghz now. It took me awhile to get my cooling right but checking now I'm idling at 37C at 3.5ghz. The memory I have now is rated at 1.5v and timings at 9-9-9-24. I'm thinking it would be smarter to just get the 1600. Overclocking cheap memory is probably a bad idea.

    I have read about VDroop and I guess as long as the system is stable at my 1.175v setting I shouldn't worry about what the droop on CPU-Z is correct? I figure why up the voltage if it's stable regardless of the droop. If I'm wrong please let me know.

    I appreciate the advice and I think I'll go get myself some 1600mhz. I think I've fallen into the trap of, "how much can I get out of this chip," rather than, "will it really boost my performance." I figure if I can get it to 4.0ghz, then that's what its meant to run at. Ha. :whistle:
  3. haha..yeah...don't worry about vdroop if it's stable...
    and good ram for price right here
    that's 12gb at much do you need anyway?
  4. Hmm. I was going to go with 6GB of Corsair Dominator. I don't think I'll need 12GB. Although the Mushkin Blackline 12GB set and the G.Skill Ripjaw 12GB set are both enticing. Especially after reading the reviews. I don't see myself ever needing 12GB though and will probably go with the Dominator 6GB buy.

    Choices, Choices.
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  6. lol...yeah that's also probably a great buy...well hope I actually thanks for your smart choice of choosing my answer as the best ;)
  7. Certainly. I'm sure no one else answered since they saw your knowledge and ran away, haha. See you at 4ghz ;)
  8. haha lol...well I'm glad I could
    now I need to get myself a new
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