C2D E6750 Temp question

I am confused about temp readings in speed fan and HWMonitor. Both programs report the "cpu temp" 27-30c at Idle and 45-48c at Load, but each core temp is reported as 40-42c Idle and 55-57c Load. Which temperature should I worry about?
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    Not to worry. Some variance is normal. And energy saving programs used by Intel and Amd will cause some fluctuation at idle. I have some boards that cause changes in coretemp right before my eyes while viewing the program. With other boards, the temps stay uniform while checking. If you have your heatsink installed properly, stop worrying.
  2. u shudnt worry about any, only worry if any temp crosses 65*
  3. The core temp in my experience usually shows around 10c higher than my cpu temp.

    I have a Xigmatek AIO cooler on my e6750 and it idles w\ the core temps @ 26-27, and 40-42c w\ 100% load.
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