Nvidia 9800 gtx+ Problem.

Hello i have a HP Pavilion model fk567aa#ABA a6622f motherboard MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2) name, and i first disabled the onboard card which is an nvidia nforce430 6150 se and enabled in BIOS PCI-E from onboard and tried installing the CD drivers and its not recognizing my 9800 gtx on my motherboard, also with the VGA connector the monitor goes to sleep. whats so ever my specs are

AMDtriple core processor 2.2ghz
5GB DDR2 Memory
PSU 600 watts
windows vista 64bit
22 in monitor
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  1. Hmm either get the latest video drivers from Nvidia OR use the ones that came with the 9800 gtx,check to see if there is not a screensaver active,also check in system under power could be that one or the other is set too short..:)
  2. First, uninstall the drivers for the onboard GPU by either add/remove programs, or in the device manager.
    Reboot, disable the onboard in the BIOS, or set to PCIe first, or some new BIOS's will simply default to the PCIe slot if you have a card plugged into it.
    Plug in the new GPU, hook up the power connectors to it, plug your monitor into it.
    Go to the nVidia Website, download the newest driver package, and install it.
  3. I got it fixed don't know why but it was not working from the 6-pin connector power supply then i tried the converter 4 to 6 pin and it worked fine, thanks for the help.
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