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My situation starts like this, my younger brother broke my sweet gaming Pc at home. So he took it into best buy and as they were fixing it they dropped the CPU on the ground (thanks geek squad). They reported to me not only was my CPU fried but my GPU and mother board was too. In this case the manger gave my brother a Compaq Presario SR5350F that includes a 1.8-GHz Intel Pentium Dual-Core E2160 processor and two sticks of 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 memory (2GB total) mounted on an Asus IPILP-LC motherboard with integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics and I personally added a PCI Express GeForce 8600 GT. What I am trying to do is turn this PC into a good gaming PC and I feel my GPU is good but my CPU is too weak. Would I need to upgrade my CPU and Mother Board or just CPU and what should it be? Plus to note I salvaged a Nosietaker Enermax 485w power supply from my old PC.
Thanks, Tyler
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  1. the e2160 will over clock well .

    Your gfx card is pretty limited though
    Have a look at an ATI 4830
  2. What's the budget for the upgrade?
  3. The buget is around 200$
  4. You can OC the CPU, just get a little better cooler. Unfortunitly that memory is going to limit your OC a little. You can always upgrade it to DDR2 800 cheap.

    Your GPU is your limiting game factor. a 4830 would give you a good boost for $80. A GTS250 would be even better. However what PSU do you have?
  5. The PSU would be what ever came standard with the Comp or a Noisetaker Enermax 485w i can put in... the games i have in mind to play on the system would be Oblivion, Spore, Empire total war, and Half life.
  6. Hmmm Oblivion needs a decent GPU. Can you install the Enermax? you could run the 4830 on that. What is it rated at on the 12V rails?
  7. Yea I built a couple comps with some friends, but iam not to sure what you mean for the rateing on the 12V rails?
  8. ^
    It's printed on the side of the PSU. Do you have a model for that PSU we can look it up online. It would give you a rating in Amps. look at the pic attached, it has (2) 12V rails at 17A each.
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