STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error

Just finished building my computer and during the instalation of vista 64bit ultimate, screen went black fans stopped, i waited for about 10min before hard hitting the reset button. After it booted the intalation from their went smoothly and, got the vga drivers intalled and everything was working fine...

But for some reason the next morning i went to power the pc back on, (having turned off just fine with no errors) and it said it had a windows recovery error, hit load windows normaly and the pc showed the green loading bar, then froze for a second before reseting itself, it did this several times in a row befor i tried both, load last good config, and load in safe mode, both with the same results... tool diagnostic told me possible hardware/software issues and too run insert OS disk and run a repair, so i booted from CD using the same 64bit OS disk, shows the first white bar saying windows is loading files, that bar always finished, then right after i get a blue screen with

STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error

So now im stuck, pc wont load normally,w/ last good config,in safe mode, i cannot even run a repair either.. I checked the cables and everything is plugged in fine and correctly. So, any ideas?
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  1. Well ,,never having used vista,but,with xp one can either try running scandisk from dos or reformat and mbr and,, reinstall which may well be your only option as the system cannot seem to fix the problem..:(
    Seems tho windoze might have eaten that ntdll. dll ,,hmmm??
  2. Agree with dokk2. Your best bet is to do a reinstall.
  3. ok so last night i formatted the hdd then powered it up without the OS disk in and got this message, "BOOTMGR is missing, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

    So i restarted it, went into bios changed the boot sequence to boot from cd then restarted it.. had me press any key to boot from cd, did that.. then it showed the white loading bar that says windows is loading files... and as soon as it finished i got the BSOD that said once again,

    STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error

    so i dont know what to do now.. hdd was completly wiped and started new i thought that would do the trick... any more ideas?
  4. Maybe a faulty installation disc. If not, run UBCD and zero fill the HD to make sure it's completely clean.
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