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Hi guys my pc wasnt posting, no display so I took it to the shop and they tell me its the motherboard thats gone wrong.

I'm not going for a full system upgrade just the motherboard, but I need it to be compatible with my cpu and ram and I dont know with the advancement of technology whats the current best chipset.

Cpu is a Intel Q6600 and RAM is DDR 1066 (pc 8500), I had a p35 gigabyte, is there a newer better chipset available? I understand theres ddr 3 boards now but I dont have the cash for a full upgrade.

I'd like to be reccomended a motherboard for these requirements:

Full ATX,
Lots of usb ports,
Crossfire would be nice, not a neccessity
Easy to use bios,
Easy to overclock,
I'd also like a cool looking pcb, preferably jet black (since my case has a window)

Ok thanks guys, I hope Ive made myself clear about what I want, thanks in advance
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  1. This is my second gigabyte board thats gone wrong so I'd definetely like to steer clear of them if I can
  2. Ok I did some research and found one that fits all my reqs - Asus P5Q Pro Turbo

    does anyone have experience of this board and whether it is easy to overclock? and are there any other motherboards in this price bracket that also fulfill all my reqs? Ta
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