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Ok, so I am going to set up a RAID 5 on my mobo, but I have a few questions first. If my motherboard goes bad, is the RAID destroyed forever? Or once I set up the RAID 5 on those drives will the configuration be held by the drives and able to be setup on another system?

Also, if I were to use a card, that isn't "true" hardware RAID, can I take that card and those drives and migrate them to any system and it still works? or sence it is "software" raid will it need the mobo, or even OS

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  1. If you use a card, yes, you can migrate more easily. I have personally found that I can swap RAID sets between my 2 SiI cards (3114 and 3132). However there can be a massive performance penalty (depending on the speed of your drives unless you spend big bucks on the RAID system. My PCIE x1 RAID card is limited around 140MB read but the drives can reach that on thier own. PCI is also limited quite heavily. But If you Raiding older drives this might not matter.
  2. so if I get something like this I can transfer my RAID if my mobo or OS goes out?
  3. Should work, yes. However do take into consideration the future availability of PCI-X.
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