Radeon 5770 x16 vs x8,x8

my question is would i get better preformance out of 2 5770's at x8,x8 or would it be about the same as one running at x16?
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  1. nice to know but im talking about running a single 5770 at x16 vs two of them at x8,x8. can i expect to see any kind of performance increase?
  2. lol thank you for clearing that up for me :P and yes i was serious. my logic was telling me that 8+8=16 so i was part of me was thinking that the efficiency of the card was being cut in half and i was basically just using 2 cards to get the efficiency of one... but then the other half was thinking surely its not that way. that people aren't doing it just to be flashy.
  3. oh ok didnt know i could do that thank you.
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