2500k 4.5Ghz, Hyper 212 + enough?

Was planning to overclock my i5-2500k to around 4.5-4.6Ghz and was wondering if the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ cooler would be enough to do the job?

If not, any suggestions? :) By the way, I am using GSKILL Ripjaws X CL7 2x2GB RAMS, so please suggest a cooler that may clear the RAM.

Current build,
Asus P8P67 Pro
Palit GTX 570 sonic plat.
Cooler Master HAF 922 case w/ window.

Thanks tomshardware community! :)
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  1. SB's are so new it's hard to recommend a cooler since i haven't read a review yet regarding your question.
    Btw a 212+ and Ripjaws are compatible as far as clearances go.
  2. Yeaps, a reason why i chose the Cooler Master.

    If anyone else has an idea on whether the 212+ would be enough for a 4.5-4.6Ghz over clock, please do advice! :)
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    Take a look at this. Right below the CPU-Z screenshot he says he got that 4.4ghz clock speed with the stock low-profile cooler. ;) That thing is tiny compared to the 212+, I think you have nothing to worry about.
  4. Based on responses to several similar threads you should not have any problems.
  5. I 2nd JohnnyLucky's response and add that the fan can be fudged to a higher location to clear bad hair day memory on the Hyper212+ by about 3/8ths inch, with no adverse cooling effect.

    @theOP, Just Curious, Do you already have the CMH212+ in your possession or are you considering buying one?

    If you already own it, why not try it out and report your results in this thread for all to learn from?

    If you're considering buying it, and people are getting 4.4G results on the stock cooler, the CMH212+ will definitely out perform the stock cooler, so that's really a No_Brainer.
  6. On newegg TV the Asus Rep used the 212+ to push a 2600K to 5.2 GHz.
    So you should be fine.
  7. Ok thanks all!

    @4ryan6 I'm considering buying it and once I get it, I will post my results! :)

    Thanks once again for all the replies! :D
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