Too much air cooling?

I plan on purchasing a sunbeam CCF soon and I wanted to improve on the cooling.

I was thinking of replacing the 120mm sunbeam fan with a new 7500rpm 252CFM fan.

Is this a bad idea due to vibrations? My goal is trying to keep a Q9450 OCed to 3.2-3.6ghz at 1.22-1.25 volts for 24/7 use over the next 4-5 years (always OCed) at no more than 40C.

Any thoughts guys? BTW the CCF is replacing my failed attempt of a liquid kit, so please, no liquid suggestions.
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  1. The specs say 5500 rpms, at 66.5 dba most fans are half the noise or less. It's going to sound like a house fan set on high! But it will definitely move a lot of air.
  2. Totally overkill, any decent 120mm fan should do the trick. I'd personally try to keep the db level to under 40.
  3. if you don't mind sound, get as many 120's as you can in there. vibrartion wont be a problem no matter what... unless you hook up something belt driven.
  4. At factory settings, your Q9450 requires a TDP 95w cooling system with a max case temp of 71.4°C
    Being OC'd you probably want something more like TDP 145w and the case temp shouldn't exceed 60°C
    As for the vibration, you can get rubber dampeners pretty cheap or you could even use cardboard grommets.
  5. You might as well install a peltier/AC solution.

    Maybe use one of these on the CPU:

    Then add some more 120mm fans.

    Not the cheaper route for sure, but it beats a 747 - unless you're putting it in a soundproof room or something?
  6. if you want good cooling that doesn't break the bank
    Don't stay with traditional air cooling

    Get the Corsair H50

    Its liquid cooling in a closed kit

    Its under $100 and will beat any air cooler while taking less space
  7. Quote:
    Its under $100 and will beat any air cooler

    No it will not. There is a review :

    It is good but there are air coolers that beat it
  8. Well, as I mentioned above, i'm replacing my liquid kit with an air cooler. I currently have a thermaltake bigwater 760i, which sucks. My Q9450 OCed to a mild 3.2ghz for even 1 hour reachs 70c! And yes, I have reseated it twice and i'm using artic silver 5. I'm also only using 1.22volts.

    Also, i'm not purchasing this for a case fan. While it is a case fan, it will be replacing the fan on the sunbeam CCF cpu cooler. My main concern was vibration from the fan, and/or mounting issues. But if you guys feel that it's ok to slap on there, i'll go ahead and order it.

    Thanks guys for all your input!!
  9. Additionally, I was told that the sunbeam CCF is the best of the best right now, unless my sources are incorrect.
  10. Well I'm using it right now, its not the best HSF (on top of charts) anymore, its no.2 on Intel & no. 3 on AMD - Frostytech Top 5 heatsink! and so far I'm using it with the 120mm fan from my Coolermaster GeminII S (stock CCF fan doesn't have any PWM) I found that its best suited for low speed airflow, I did paired it with Scythe Kaze 1900rpm/110cfm but the temps are only 1~2 degrees apart+unbearable noise, but if you still insist on using that super-fan then you should put something between the fan & Alu-fins to minimize vibrations.
  11. 7500 rpm? Man, that thing is gonna sound like a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, or my Homelite leaf blower. Either way, it is gonna be LOUD.

    I had a TT 120mm bigtyphoon and i hooked a 5500rpm fan to it. Playing with my fan controller showed that over 2500-3000 rpm there was NO difference in the CPU temp. And i ran it @ 2000rpm cause over this the thing became louder and the temp gain wasnt enough.

    If you want real improvement, Jump to WC ...

    Edit : TEC ( peltier ) is a pain too, You need GOOD knowledge of the Hot/cold plate and HOW much cooling you need to run a Pelt. any Air cooling on a Pelt is near to be useless cause the hot side is too much for the Heatsink and cause of that the cold side cant be cold enough .... READ READ READ ... google is your best friend.
  13. 08nwsula said:
    ....unless you hook up something belt driven.

    I lol'd
  14. i think the vibrations will be the worst part, might rip off the dampers, ccf was dethroned a few months back, but its still in the top 5
  15. Theramltake WC sucks, most high-end air coolers will beat the thermaltake kits.

    the Corsair H50 and CoolIT Domino however, are a different story, and with a high CFM fan I'd guess they'd beat pretty much any air cooling setup.
  16. I dropped some serious temps by lapping, using a Spin-q and a 201 CFM 2675 RPM dayton blower. This setup probably wont do anyone any good unless you are running an open air Rig with enough room for the blower. I was using the Corsair W/C kit, it is deffinitely better than the TT Bigwater and any other kit from TT. The CoolIT Domino on the other hand has some problems with leakage on all the Units I installed last month. This doesnt mean that they all have this problem it may have just been a bad batch.
  17. The only Coolit i buyed was to dismantle it to be used in an oil submersion cooling .... this way the poor pump is submerged and cant leak. + the oil lub it well ;)
  18. Hmmmm submersed oil cooling hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... I.... I like it!
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