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I building a gaming pc, but I'm stuck between choosing processors. I want the AMD Phenom II 955 X4 because of it's decent pricing $216, but i feel that the Core 2 Quad Q9550 $220, Core 2 Quad 9400 $190 , Core 2 Duo E8400 $168, or Core 2 Duo 8500 $190 may out perform it. Which should i choose? Please give me links to benchmarks or a personal answer, no biased replies.
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    The 2 reasons beyond benchmarks for going with the AMD is 1. The socket LGA 775 is dead for Intel, no new CPUs will be added to the lineup except for some slight changes such as a possible E8700 or a Q9650S for example. On the other hand AM3 CPUs are still being updated with new ones rolling out like the PhenomII x4 965 BE in a few weeks 2. The deals that have been available on newegg for the AMD CPUs have been impressive to say the least, knock $80 off a good motherboard in a combo deal or $125 for a mobo/CPU/GPU and it gives a nice boost to a budget. In terms of benchmarks just Google for a slew of them. If you really want to go Intel, go with the LGA 1366 or wait for the LGA 1156 to come out.
  2. Only the 955 and Q9550 are worth considering unless you're a moderate-heavy overclocker who builds a new PC regularly, in which case a high-clocked E8400 may perform a little better in the majority of, but not all, games. If you play very new games only then just get a quad regardless.

    Which games are you planning on playing? Please don't just assume that if it can play Crysis it can play anything.
  3. I wouldn't leave out the 3.0 Ghz Phenom II 945 which would also be a good choice.It's price over at newegg has been lowered by $46 to $179.Like Dirtmountain said there were some impressive combo deals with the 955 and motherboards but the 955 has sold out.However there are some outstanding 945 and motherboard combo deals still going on at newegg.
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