ASUS P5KC and e6850, making sure BIOS settings are correct.

Okay first of all, here are my system specs:

Raidmax RX-730SS (Modular)
ASUS P5KC Bios v.1203
Patriot 4GB PVS34G1333LLK
Hitachi Ultrastar 750GB 7200RPM 32MB
nVidia Geforce 460 GTX
Sound Blaster Audigy ZA
(I don't have any Cd/DVD-ROM drives hooked up)

Anyway, I have the e6850 running at ~3.62Mhz using these BIOS settings:

Jumperfree Settings

Ai Overclock Tuner : Manual
CPU Ratio Setting : 07.0
FSB Strap to North Bridge : 400MHz
FSB Frequency : 500
PCIE Frequency : Auto
DRAM Frquency : DDR3-1333MHz
DRAM Command Rate : 1N
DRAM Timing Control : Manual
Cas# Latency : 7
RAS# to CAS# Delay : 7
RAS# PPro Time : 6
RAS# ACT Time : 22
RAS# to Ras# Delay : Auto
REF Cycle Time : Auto
Write Recover Time : Auto
Write to READ Delay : Auto
READ to PRE Time : Auto
DRAM Static Read Control : Enabled
DRAM Dynamix Write Control : Auto
Adjust CHA SKEW Support : Auto
Adjust CHB SKEW Support : Auto

Transaction Booster : Auto

CPU Voltage : 1.4750V
CPU PLL Voltage : Auto
FSB Termination Voltage : Auto
DRAM Voltage : 1.70V
NB Voltage : 1.70V
Clock Over-Charging Voltage : Auto
Load-iLine Calibration : Auto
CPU GTL Voltage Reference : Auto
NB GTL Voltage Reference : 0.67x
CPU Spread Spectrum : Auto
PCIE Spread Spectrum : Auto

CPU Configuration

CPU Ratio Setting : 07.0
C1E Support : Enabled
MAX CPUID Value Limit : Disabled
Vanderpool Technology : Enabled
CPU TM Function : Enabled
Execute Disable Bit : Enabled

I guess my main question is that if these BIOS values look right, or if I have anything enabled/disabled that I shouldn't have. I was hoping to milk this system out of as much as I could before buying a completely new system. Thanks for anything input.
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  1. Well I'd say that look overall right...idk about the voltage for nb on that...but seems ok...although you might be reaching the limit on that system...cpu speed/voltage-wise...
  2. Yeah, I have a small but powerful fan I bought at on the NB itself, so luckily it's not getting super insanely hot like it was before.
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    yeah that's a good way to make sure it doesn't...I had a motherboard that the nb would be sitting at 67C stock everything...and in my opinion that's a bit too least compared to my other boards it is...
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