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hey im going to build a good gaming rig, my setup is

tower: antec 1200
cpu: core i7 940
mb: asus p6t deluxe v2
ram: 6GB kit (2GBx3), Ballistix 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-10600 memory module
gpu: bfg gtx295
psu: bfg ES-800 Power Supply 800w
hdd: 2x WD VelociRaptor 300 gb
dvd: samsung dvd/rw 12x speed

is this a good setup or should i get some other hardware, i am particular thinking on is there any serious problems whit gtx 295, and here i think on compatibilitys whit all games ?
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  1. Not to bad of a setup. I'd think about switching to a better grade psu. Look for a Crosair, Antec, or PC Power & Cooling psu. They will be much more reliable in powering your rig than the bfg one.

    Are you planning on putting the raptor hd's in raid 0? (curious to know why you have two)
  2. i want a very fast system and i want to get 1 hdd for system and documents pictures and so on, and 1 for programs (games) i do have a 1 gb hdd in the system i got now but its a bit slow, and 1 raptor do not have so much space so i need 2, the bfg psu have got many good reviews and to be very reliable, you say that i should look on a better grade psu do you mean efficient 85% ?
  3. PSU:
    No I'm talking about the quality of the PSU. A 800w BFG PSU < 800w Antec. Not all psu's are created equal. even if they have the same stats reported from the manufactures.

    What if you had one raptor drive for the os and your games, and storage drive for your pictures, movies, music? Get like a western digital cariver black 1tb (if you dont' think you'll need that much space there's also a 640gb and 500gb version). It'll still be a very fast hard drive but with a lot more space and about half the price.
  4. psu:
    what antec psu will you recomend then.
  5. This is the list of psu's i ussualy recommend. It's important to note that a gtx 295 by nvidia is recommended to have 46amps on the 12volt rail. So if you also wanted to sli the card then your gonna need 92amps worth of current. Here's my list of psu's i'd recommend.

    Antec PSU's:
    Antec 850 signature - could handle 2 gtx 295's
    Antec TPQ 4 1000w - could hanlde 2 gtx 295's
    Antec TPQ 4 800w - could probaly handle 2 gtx 295's
    Antec 650 signature - could handle 1 gtx 295

    Crosair PSU's:
    Crosair 750 - this could handle 1 gtx 295's (there's not enough amps for two)
    Crosair 850 - I think this could power 2 gtx 295's just fine
    Crosair 1000 - Commonly recommended if your going to do 2 gtx 295's ever
    Crosair 650 - This could power one gtx 295 and deffiantly not two.

    PC Power & Cooling PSU:
    PC Power & Cooling 860 - can handle 1 gtx 295. (not enough amps to handle two)
    PC Power & Cooling 750 - could handle 1 gtx 295.
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