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I have an AMD Athlon II X3 440 @ 3.3Ghz. I think that if I put my CPU voltage higher, I could get my CPU to run faster. I see were it says that my CPU voltage is 1.39v, but it seems to be locked. I can see it, but I can't change it. Also, what is CPU VID Control? I think that I could push my CPU further, because .3Ghz is not that much.
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  1. if you want to lock it depends on what motherboard you must have the power now disabled, so the voltage of your voltage will not change significantly from 1:39 V , see in CPU-Z
    indeed true if the excess a little vCore will affect performance and stability of the overclock but increase the voltage without offset by increased FSB will cause the temperature is hotter than normal.
  2. Um, I really couldn't understand that very well. Sorry. How do I change my vCore voltage?
  3. depend on your mobo used.. go in bios try in CPU voltage set, what have your
    mobo ..?
  4. I have a Biostar Mcp6p M2+ MOBO. Are you American? I cannot really understand you very well, I am not trying to bash you.
  5. no. i'm not american..
    go bios / Performance Booster Zone / CPu voltage / any 4 option : default ,3.3%, +6.6%, +10%
    for increase voltage start at +3.3% but u alway check temperature.. for safely
  6. Well, gee, thanks ALOT! You just helped me figure out my CPU mystery. Really, it is much appreciated. :D
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