What do you think?! Intel 2600k and other unlocked sandy bridge.

Well i finally got my new rig together and all i can say is i am very pleased with how fast this chip is. I would like to hear (people who bought the chip(s) not trolls) from others who have had the chance to check the new sandy bridge chips out. I had an AMD system before this rig which was also very nice, but this chips blows that thing away (965 BE)! I was able to get a 4.5GHZ OC quite easily and did well in prime 95 for 30 mins and OCCT also for 30mins, i stopped there merely for the simple reason that the programs i run don't even come close to those simulated loads.

Well just wanted to see if people were as pleased as me with these new sweet chips!

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  1. lol..I know a couple of people who are...but I myself don't have that chip although I would agree that intel packs a nice amount of performance into their chips...lol love my l5640...
  2. I'll let you know wed or thursday when it gets here. I hate waiting. :p
  3. Technically, people really wouldn't be shocked with the OC potential of Intel chips these days. 100% OC's have been done even in the Core 2 days, and looks like the tradition continues on.

    I wonder what kind of workload are you doing that needs a Sandy Bridge?
  4. ha ha ha yeah anort i hate waiting too man ! It was killing me waiting for all the goodies! I had them hold at the station and call me as soon as they were ready!
  5. I've been working on a wish list for a couple weeks now, for a rig I hope to make last for YEARS. I don't run pro applications or cutting edge games that absolutely must have the greatest performance, but I don't think I'd be happy with an Athlon II X3. Platform features will likely make the biggest difference, as will total cost. SB looks really nice for its ability to do Crossfire OR SLI on the same board, but I'm going to try to wait patiently at least until I see what Bulldozer offers.
  6. ohh yeah bulldozer will be something interesting....that's for sure...
    ok enough high jacking this thread...lol...it's about the sb so make it about sb...
  7. Yeah with Bulldozer maybe AMD can finally catch up to Core2 from 2006 clock for clock lol. No I didn't mention value just sheer speed.

    jtt283 I also tend to keep systems for years ( although I do upgrade video cards, hard drives ect. more often) and I almost got the i7 950 when the price dropped. I do not actually have my new 2600k yet as it's being shipped but from eveything I have seen I am glad I waited. I plan on this being a strong system for at least 4 or 5 years.

    I built an X3 440 system for my sister and to be honest my E8400@ stock much less at my daily overclock of 4.050ghz was MUCH faster at everything even lacking a core to the 440.

    This is what I ended up ordering.





    I will reuse my Antec 1200, Vertex 2, 2 x 640 Blacks, GTX460, X-Fi and optical drives.

    Fingers crossed UPS is a day early and I get it Wed but Thurs if not.
  8. I could show you tests where the phenom II X2 proves to be of equal performance to the e8400...you would have to compare clock for clock though...or close to it...
    e8400 @ 3Ghz and phenom II X2 545 they will come pretty close to same scores/performance...not in floating point though...

    And the bulldozer would be way better than core2! you kidding me if it was that bad they wouldn't even bother making it! lol...
    rumors are starting to sound good lol http://techpowerup.com/138328/Bulldozer-50-Faster-than-Core-i7-and-Phenom-II.html
  9. Well I have to say the new rig is just a TINY improvement over the old E8400 lol. Just seeing 8 threads in task manager and not 2 blows me away.
    I have not done much benchmarking yet except I did run SuperPI. The old version that just uses 1 thread. My E8400 at 4.050ghz ran 1m in 13 seconds. The 2600K at stock ( before I overclocked ) ran 1m in 10 seconds. That is pretty freaking amazing. My Sisters Athlon II x3 440 ( stock 3ghz) runs it in 23 seconds.
  10. I have been pushing this chip , getting some NIIIICE overclocks , i got stable x46,x47, and x48 multipliers . The x46 is running with vcore @ 1.370 with LLC @ level 1 , the x47 is running with vcore @ 1.385 with LLC @ level 1 , the x48 is running at 1.385 vcore but needed to push LLC to level 2 .

    Only on the x48 stress test did any of the cores breach 70c , core 2 got to 70c exactly. I am gonna try for as far as i can go since my temps are doing so great! I think i can easily get to x50 multiplier!
  11. I too was running a 965BE and was totally shocked at the performance difference, but by now I'm truly a firm Sandy Bridge believer these K Series unlocked CPUs are amazing, more overclocking possibilities than any previously released CPUs!

    The 2500Ks default settings out performed my 965BEs overclocked settings to 4.2ghz, at the same 4.2ghz clock it totally massacred the 965BE, I bought the 2500K to simply test overclocking it to write up a THGF stickied overclocking guide, but mrface beat me to it.

    I've been playing around and experimenting with it ever since.

    So where's your progress now?
  12. yup the latest intel cpus really are beast! even my l5640 which is at stock 2.27ghz is sitting at a nice, safe , and stable 3.8ghz... I know it can go a bit higher...bit it is still a bit limited by the base clock and cooling....if the multiplier on that chip was unlocked I would be able to hit 4.5 easy...lol...
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