1.5 TB and windows 7

Hi all, after some help with my new hard drive, ok so i have a 250 hard drive with windows 7 and all my files on it ive just got a new 1 tb drive so i put a new install of windows 7 on everything went fine reboot etc

Then i transfered all my files from my 250 drive to my 1.5tb turned off system unplugged the 250 drive and and all i get is boot manager error if i plug the 250 back in i get dual boot options for either drive and if i select the 1.5tb it will boot up fine, checked bios all seems fine correct boot sequence

Also i put my windows disk in to try and fix the boot manager and it shows unknown OS on unknown hard drive but if i explorer the drive all my files and windows files are shown according to the drive windows vista and 7 should see the drive no problem any ideas anyone ???

my spec :

Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H
Intel core2quad Q6600 @2.4 Ghz
Corsair dominator pc 8500 @1066Mhz 1GB X 2
SATA Samsung spinpoint 250 Gb hard drive
SATA Western digital caviar 1.5 TB
Hyper 550 w PSU
Geforce 8800 GT
Pioneer DVD-RW
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  1. If you moved all the files from the 250 to the 1.5TB, just format the 250 and call it a day. Also, in the BIOS, rearrange the boot device sequence, you should be able to completely remove the 250 from the list.
  2. all my files are on the 1.5 TB drive and i don't need the 250 GB drive, but if i unplug it i get boot disk failure and my boot sequence is correct if i plug the 250 GB drive back in im given two options for booting both windows 7 off each drive,

    So it's as if the boot manager is on the 250 GB drive for both drives if that makes sence , is there any way to move it to the 1.5 TB like with CMD prompt ??? or am i better off just doing another install of windows 7 ???
  3. Did you arrange the boot drive sequence like jonpaul said to?
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