Memory timings screwed

My pcs been really unstable since I changed cpus. I thought it was odd that cpu-z had decided to not give me any information in the memory tab so I downloaded memset.

This is with bios settings at 5-5-5-15 2v. The ram is rated at 4-4-3-10 2v but due to bsods I loosened the timings. Seems using a 1333 strap on this motherboard doesnt work too well as my e6700 was fine. What should I set the ram too in memset? I have no idea what half of those settings are.
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  1. Never seen CPUz do that

    I'd set it to 400 @ 4-5-5-13 19 and 2T -- in the BIOS, not in memset. And go for 2.1V

    Those are the 333 numbers basically, moved up to 400 and with the 400 voltage.
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