Turbo Boost always on?

Just wondering why my multiplier is constantly at 21. Its currently set up at 166 x 21 and is never going down. Should I be worried?

PC Specs
Intel i5 750 @ 3500 OC
EVGA P55 FTW 200
8 ddr3 gb gskill 7-8-7-24
5850 @ 900/1200hz
750gb Caviar Black
Windows 7 64 bit

Vcore @ 1.2v
VTT @ 1.1v
vdroop on
Speedsterp ON
C-State ON
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  1. Hey, what mother board do you have? If it's an evga it has a feature in the bios that forces turbo to be on all the time...
    and I'm pretty sure you can turn it off if you want...
  2. Is this something I should want Enabled all the time?
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    Well it's definately not a bad's there to keep your cpu running at max clock...which is nice in my opinion...but if you're one of those who likes his cpu to not use as much power at idle and stuff...if you are one of those who likes to use speed step and all to save power then maybe yeah...
    Although I keep my turbo on all the time...a cheating way of gettnig your multiplier to be one notch higher all the

    btw, you still didn't tell me what motherboard you
  4. Sorry about that. I have the EVGA P55 FTW Motherboard. Thanks for all your help.
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  6. So it was an evga! lol...yeah and like I said I keep mine enabled all the it that way...
  7. Hi have the same problem, with my I7 4790. I have an MSI h81m p33 motherboard. This problem, came after I upgraded the socket driver.
    What can i do?
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