MSI Announces Big Bang: the First Motherboard with THX TruStudio PC ht

With Creative EAX® ADVANCED HD™ 5.0 Audio Technology

"After the worldwide success of the award winning MSI P55-GD80 and P55-GD65 motherboards, MSI today announces its new gaming motherboard: Big Bang. In conjunction with THX and Creative, MSI is the first ever to implement THX TruStudio PC™ with Creative EAX ADVANCED HD™ 5.0 audio technology. Big Bang delivers the most powerful and realistic gaming audio performance available from any motherboard.",10021.html :) msi (the last Big Bang)

The last Big Bang if it does occur should be a board to carry over to... ummm ?

two out (5870) on second, three balls two strikes and it looks like we are getting a pitcher change...

Time Out :sol:
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  1. I'm guessing this doesn't affect me or my two speakers?
  2. I've got a guy in my computer too! But he's much smaller...
  3. 57 follows 55, 57 is larrabee, expensive like nehalem...
    MSI is the only maker with HYDRA. Something, the obvious, does not make sense. Why would Intel not make a Motherboard with HYDRA? The Normal Troll will give us some help. This is the last big bang.

  4. How can it be the most realistic gaming audio performance available from any motherboard? I mean, if it's not been done before, it can't be realistic can it? I can see it being enhanced or louder or more something.

    But to be realistic, it has to be "like" the original. There is no original. The standard is existing gaming computers!
  5. because it is Creative and Creative is real, Creative EAX® ADVANCED HD™ 5.0 Audio Technology, no pun intended.
    "MSI is the first ever to implement THX TruStudio PC™ with Creative EAX ADVANCED HD™ 5.0 audio technology."

    "implement" what does that mean, on-board or to-plug?

    On their way to a really expensive MoBo. $600.00USD + ?

  6. So I'm guessing this is gonna be more impressive than my old Creative Soundblaster card. And might also knock the pictures off the wall with the "thump THUMP" of the woofers!!!!
  7. yeah well... I had/have an original SoundBlaster 5.1 put back-in-the-box for years ha ha no telling. The reason I mention this extravaganza is because of a comparison I am about to make with the next two Creatives... ha ha that is correct three purchases ending with the audigy live pro 5.1.

    The point here is they all had/have shitty drivers. Now... does that mean that MSI P55 Big Bang will have shitty drivers?

    Yes probably does if Sound Blaster people have anything to do with it and remember they are advertising EAX. They should have
    a talk with Daniel and ask him to turn the drivers on after they have bought them from Creative defective, as it were, and dirt cheap.

    Sound Blaster and Creative could not ever figure how to deal with M$'s/Holywood's DVD/CD copy protection schizophrenia...
    You would think that MSI knows Creatives problems with copy protection. I would. :sol:
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