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Hi Guys,
Im new to Tom's Hardware so firstly hello :bounce:

Im wanting to corectly overclock my rig but i dont have any idea what i should be setting things too, i dont want to damage anything.

What ive got
Motherboard - Asus P5NE-Sli
CPU - Intel Core 2 E6600
Ram - 8gb DDR2 OCZ ram (2gb chips) 5-5-5 @ 1.6v
Grafix Card - Gigabit Geforce 8600 GT
DVD writer - Asus DRW 1814BL
OS - Windows 7 pro 32 bit
Hard drives - both sata one Seagate 320g and a western digital 1tb

Ive flashed the bois to 1406 as per asus website but thats basically it

All this is running in a thermaltake Soprano case with a thermaltake 700w power supply

If i need to supply any extra info please let me know, otherwise i nudge in the right direction would be fantastic.

Also considering cooling the CPU with an Artic Freezer Pro (thoughts)

Many thanks
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  1. Hello Tremer and welcome to THGF.:D

    I have 2 links for you. Try them and see if they help you at all. Note; it will require some reading.

    Link #1

    Link #2

    Good luck to you!
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