What is that High Pitch Squealing Noise?

How do i get rid of the so called "whine squeal" or whine buzz something, from my computer? The high pitch noise.

I have a naxt phantom, intel i7 950, sapphire 2gb 5870 eyfinity with a Arctic cooling accelero extreme plus, and a Gigabyte X58-USB3 motherboard.

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  1. no way to tell without opening the side of your case and doing the "ear" test.
    main culprits: PSU's and fans
  2. unless you are able to figure out from which hardware this noise is coming, how can we help you. Lots of hardwares can make noise and will be still normal, such as CPU fan, PSU, graphics card. ,

    try to open the caibnet and feel the source ,, if not, then try unplugging the harware one by one off the motherboard and see when does the noise stops... start with cpu.
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