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Bluetooth pairing code for Logitech MX 5000 keyboard on Windows 7 32 bit

Hello~I have just had to deal with 2 lappies of mine getting the Blue Screen, now neither one will work, so here I am with a "new" hard drive with Windows 7 32 bit and I'm wanting to throw it through the window in front of me.

I am using an IOGear Bluetooth adapter and I keep getting the message that a device wants to connect "click here to allow" so I do, now they want a pairing code. Does anyone here know if there is such a beast that will work so I can get on with solving the REST OF MY WINDOWS 7/STARTING OVER problems, of which there are numerous ones.

I would be so very grateful if I could just get off of this lappie keyboard, which is extremely uncomfortable, not user friendly and I won't last much longer with it!

Thanks so much for your knowledge, time, and patience in advance!

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    Most often, the default passkey is "0000".
  2. :bounce: YIPPEEEE!!!! Thank you so much! It almost seems ridiculous that such a simple answer was all I needed to solve a problem I spent HOURS trying to fix...kinda makes me feel, uh....nah, not stupid....let's just say I learned something today, and that's always a good thing, RIGHT? Thanks again, you're a hero!
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